Monday, 7 February 2011

What a weekend!

Last weekend was such a fun filled weekend! I did so much in just a few days. Not having class on Friday is great because me and my roommate Dana got to go see the Museum of Natural History. It is such an awesome museum!! (I attached a video of me and Dana having fun with the mirrors at the museum)

A prehistoric animal at the Museum

Saturday morning I got up and met Daniel Swerdlow in Swiss Cottage to go rock climbing! It was fun but so cold that my hands went numb...

This is the Rock Gym we went to

Then sunday we took the tube to West Ham another part of London to watch the futbol (soccer) game. We got to the game too late so instead of going in we went to the nearby pub to wait on some of our friends. Once the game got out the pub became packed with West Ham fans. It was so fun West Ham won so everyone was so excited. It really felt like we were true londoners celebrating the win in the pub!!!

Me outside West Ham Stadium

Singing the victory song with the locals

Outside the game in West Ham scarves
The crazy fans in the pub after the game
The Pub we celebrated in!

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