Monday, 21 February 2011


Me and my roommate Dana in Dublin
This weekend we went to Dublin. It looked a lot like London only the pubs seemed more authentic! Friday we went to the Guinness Museum, it was pretty cool.

Guinness Factory
Guinness Factory

Jumping in the barely pit at Guinness

Saturday was the greatest day of the trip we went on a bus tour to Wicklow. It was beautiful!! We stopped along the way at great photo ops including the bridge where a scene from PS I Love You was filmed! We all probably took a 100 pictures that day. We then went out sat night to an area of Dublin called Temple Bar.

On the Coast of Ireland


Our group

On PS I Love You bridge

Enjoying the countryside (Im second from the left)

Weekend in Amsterdam

Last weekend we went to Amsterdam. It was a blast!! We took a bus Thursday night and crossed the English Channel via ferry boat then arrived early Friday morning in Amsterdam.

The street our hostel was on
we walked around the city and stopped in some of different coffee shops and restaurants it was really fun and then we went to a Citizen Cope concert that night! It was awesome a small concert about 250 people and we were front row center. 
Hanging out in the coffee shop

Citizen Cope Concert

We woke up early sat morning in order to site see all day. We first went to the Anne Frank House. It was really neat. Then we went to tour the Heineken Museum and later we walked through the Red Light District (which i was not a fan of!)

Sign for Anne Frank museum
In Heineken museum

Heineken Museum
Out in Amsterdam (Sports Cafe)
We went to the Van Gogh Museum all day. It was amazing and probably my favorite museum I have seen since I have been abroad!!! Then we headed back to our hostel packed up and boarded the bus back to London.

I Amsterdam sign :)

Monday, 7 February 2011


This weekend we were in Paris. It was AMAZING!!! Kellie, Caitlin and I left Thursday night while the rest of our program was arriving in Paris Friday afternoon.


Friday morning we woke up and met some of our friends who also didn't travel with the program and together we explored the city. Our first stop was Notre Dame Cathedral. It was so AWESOME! Then we went to the Lourve but didn't go inside. After the Lourve we headed to the Eiffel Tower. It was so much different from what I expected but still amazing!

Kellie, Caitlin and I with our hosts for weekend outside Notre Dame

A group of us outside the Lourve (the modern part)

Kellie Me and Caitlin in front of the Eiffel Tower


Saturday morning we slept in then went back to Lourve to go inside this time. We spent a while inside the Lourve and then went out later that night in Paris!

Largest Painting in Lourve

Out in Paris with new friends


Sunday we went to eat lunch in the Jewish quarter of Paris. Then we went hopped on the metro and went to the Grand Arc, which is a huge square modern arch that was located in the Paris business district. We then went to see Arc de Triumph in the center of Paris. We got to go to the top for free and the views were amazing!!

Me and Kellie in the Jewish district
Grand Arc
Arc de Triumph

View from top of Arc de Triumph

I almost forgot!

Camden Market
These are some pictures from Camden Market we went there 2 weeks ago to do some shopping. I didn't come home with anything new but I cant wait to go back! They had so many good food stands and tons of shops to bargain in. We ate nutella crepes they were delicious!

Getting Crepes in Camden Market

Me Dana Kellie and Caitlin in Camden Market
Kellie and Caitlin are our neighbors in Atlantic House. The four of us pretty much do everything together here!

What a weekend!

Last weekend was such a fun filled weekend! I did so much in just a few days. Not having class on Friday is great because me and my roommate Dana got to go see the Museum of Natural History. It is such an awesome museum!! (I attached a video of me and Dana having fun with the mirrors at the museum)

A prehistoric animal at the Museum

Saturday morning I got up and met Daniel Swerdlow in Swiss Cottage to go rock climbing! It was fun but so cold that my hands went numb...

This is the Rock Gym we went to

Then sunday we took the tube to West Ham another part of London to watch the futbol (soccer) game. We got to the game too late so instead of going in we went to the nearby pub to wait on some of our friends. Once the game got out the pub became packed with West Ham fans. It was so fun West Ham won so everyone was so excited. It really felt like we were true londoners celebrating the win in the pub!!!

Me outside West Ham Stadium

Singing the victory song with the locals

Outside the game in West Ham scarves
The crazy fans in the pub after the game
The Pub we celebrated in!

Kensington *My new Home*

Here are some pictures from around Kensington:

Its so pretty in this part of town! During the week I go to class for a few hours each day. I like to fit runs in at Hyde Park which is around the corner. At night we hang out in our dorms or sometimes we go to the nearby pubs which are open till about 11:30. We do some window shopping on High Street which is a block away but I haven't really bought anything, and we love to make frequent trips to McDonalds too! haha

Around Kensington:
This is the Builders Arms: A pub we frequently go to

View of Ambassador Dorms (Not my dorm)

High Street Kensington

McDonalds on High Street

 Hyde Park:

Kensington Palace- Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Hyde Park

London :)


Here is a picture from my first night in London. I went and saw the Lion King in Covent Garden and it was amazing!! I still still did not know anyone on the program when I went but I made new friends at the show and we all went out afterwards.

First night out after Lion King
The following night after spending all day catching up on sleep my program organized a boat cruise on the Thames River. It was fun meeting lots of the people on the program and also seeing Tower Bridge lit up at night.

Right before the boat cruise
Tower Bridge