Monday, 7 February 2011


This weekend we were in Paris. It was AMAZING!!! Kellie, Caitlin and I left Thursday night while the rest of our program was arriving in Paris Friday afternoon.


Friday morning we woke up and met some of our friends who also didn't travel with the program and together we explored the city. Our first stop was Notre Dame Cathedral. It was so AWESOME! Then we went to the Lourve but didn't go inside. After the Lourve we headed to the Eiffel Tower. It was so much different from what I expected but still amazing!

Kellie, Caitlin and I with our hosts for weekend outside Notre Dame

A group of us outside the Lourve (the modern part)

Kellie Me and Caitlin in front of the Eiffel Tower


Saturday morning we slept in then went back to Lourve to go inside this time. We spent a while inside the Lourve and then went out later that night in Paris!

Largest Painting in Lourve

Out in Paris with new friends


Sunday we went to eat lunch in the Jewish quarter of Paris. Then we went hopped on the metro and went to the Grand Arc, which is a huge square modern arch that was located in the Paris business district. We then went to see Arc de Triumph in the center of Paris. We got to go to the top for free and the views were amazing!!

Me and Kellie in the Jewish district
Grand Arc
Arc de Triumph

View from top of Arc de Triumph

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